Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Day Memories

So many of us have experienced “Snow Days” lately with children or grandchildren out of school. What better way to capture these memories than this beautiful little girl from Inge-Glas titled “Frosty Inspiration.” This ornament would make a great keepsake for one of those snow days)))

Many people gift ornaments at Christmas time and I find my self too……right at the last minute browsing ornaments and trying to remember back on occasions to find the just right ornament. The time to buy ornaments for significant occasions is NOW)))) Create a special place in your home to stockpile your treasures and then gift them at Christmas. You’ll have the perfect memento for that precious memory.

Here are a few more suggestions for a “Snow Day” occasion.

This Inge-Glas “Dressed to the Nuts” snowman is a far better looking snowman than the one Maggie, Matt and I made the other day…..this would be a great ornament for Matt))) The Frosty Inspiration is perfect Maggie and her long blonde hair too))

This beautiful ornament with the little boy and cap with ear flaps is “Big Dreams.” Both the “Frosty Inspiration” and “Big Dreams” ornaments are from the “Innocent Hearts” collection from Inge and introduced in 2009.

Remember innocent times, pure and honest hearts….Goodness and warm loving memories of days gone by….Inge-Glas has captured those special childhood moments in our lives…..forever….”Innocent Hearts.”

These ornaments were created using the “Life Touch”  Life Touch was introduced by Inge-Glas, an amazing development adding to their colorful 400 year family history of German glass blowers; a classy new and innovative painting technique known as “Life Touch.” With precise and meticulous detail, skillfully trained Inge-Glas master artists apply ultra fine feather strokes revealing delicate life touches to enhance their uniquely beautiful Christmas ornaments.

We have  many more ornaments that will fit the bill perfectly for a Snow Day ….more snowmen, hot chocolate, mittens, ice skates and more!