Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Day Memories

So many of us have experienced “Snow Days” lately with children or grandchildren out of school. What better way to capture these memories than this beautiful little girl from Inge-Glas titled “Frosty Inspiration.” This ornament would make a great keepsake for one of those snow days)))

Many people gift ornaments at Christmas time and I find my self too……right at the last minute browsing ornaments and trying to remember back on occasions to find the just right ornament. The time to buy ornaments for significant occasions is NOW)))) Create a special place in your home to stockpile your treasures and then gift them at Christmas. You’ll have the perfect memento for that precious memory.

Here are a few more suggestions for a “Snow Day” occasion.

This Inge-Glas “Dressed to the Nuts” snowman is a far better looking snowman than the one Maggie, Matt and I made the other day…..this would be a great ornament for Matt))) The Frosty Inspiration is perfect Maggie and her long blonde hair too))

This beautiful ornament with the little boy and cap with ear flaps is “Big Dreams.” Both the “Frosty Inspiration” and “Big Dreams” ornaments are from the “Innocent Hearts” collection from Inge and introduced in 2009.

Remember innocent times, pure and honest hearts….Goodness and warm loving memories of days gone by….Inge-Glas has captured those special childhood moments in our lives…..forever….”Innocent Hearts.”

These ornaments were created using the “Life Touch”  Life Touch was introduced by Inge-Glas, an amazing development adding to their colorful 400 year family history of German glass blowers; a classy new and innovative painting technique known as “Life Touch.” With precise and meticulous detail, skillfully trained Inge-Glas master artists apply ultra fine feather strokes revealing delicate life touches to enhance their uniquely beautiful Christmas ornaments.

We have  many more ornaments that will fit the bill perfectly for a Snow Day ….more snowmen, hot chocolate, mittens, ice skates and more!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Trendy Ornaments Website!

We're very proud to announce the opening of a new website!
Our customers spoke....and we listened! We've moved our mouth blown, hand painted glass ornament collection to it's own new site.

Trendy Ornaments  is an offshoot site of Trendy some things will look the same or be the same as far as the way we handle orders, process payments etc.

Having the glass ornaments on their own site will make browsing and shopping easier for the the ornament buyer. Typically our customers shop three different ways.....they are interested in glass ornaments, decorations or crafting supplies.

On Trendy Ornaments, customers will be able to browse by type of ornament such as animal, food, toys...etc. They can also browse by occasion, holiday or brand.

Right now we have European glass ornaments from Inge-Glas of Germany, handcrafted ornaments from Merck Family's Old World Christmas, Christopher Radko and Varsovia (made in Poland). Some ornaments have great discounts too!

Trendy Ornaments will be the one-stop shopping place for collectible glass ornaments. Customers will still experience the same great customer service and.....for right now anyway......SHIPPING IS FREE!

The minimum order on Trendy Ornaments will be $25.00 Click on the "Coupon" tab on Trendy Ornaments to see the details about the shipping.

We've also set up new Twitter, Pinterest. and Facebook accounts for Trendy Ornaments, so we hope you follow us on Trendy Ornaments as well. Or, if you know someone who is especially interested in glass ornaments, please share our links)))

Today in History March 22, 1934 The First Masters Tournament Opened in Augusta

Today in history, on March 22, 1934, the first Masters Tournament opened under the title of the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. The first Masters was won by Horton Smith.

For the golfing fan, whether you watch or play, we have just the right ornament.

104804 Hole in One Golf Ball Inge-Glas of Germany

Enjoy the Masters coming up April 7-13, 2014

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spud Day in Shelley Idaho

potato christmas ornament

The Inge-Glas Potato Christmas ornament would make a great keepsake for Spud Day held in Shelley, Idaho September 17, 2011.

Locals there say you haven’t really experienced the thrill of victory till you’ve pulled your weight over mashed potatoes …….literally. For the contest, a cement mixer churns up thousands of pounds of instant spuds and they have a tug of war.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Discount Coupon!

August Newsletter
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About 75% of our 2011 items have now arrived from RAZ!

Old World Christmas 9/11 Remembrance ornaments now in Stock!

99% of our RAZ Halloween is in stock!

Glamour Ropes and Glitzy Sticks scheduled to arrive this week!
13 Colors! Great for bending, twisting, curling, creating shapes for your holiday designs.

Live Chat now available! Drop in if you need assistance, or just say hello! If I'm not there to respond to your call, just leave a message and I'll get back to you.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cinderella is Proof that a New Pair of Shoes Can Change a Girl’s Life!

Great new shoe ornaments in stock this year! Two new styles of glass slippers from Inge-Glas of Germany.
silvery white glass high heel shoe christmas ornament inge-glas of germany

This new white glittery high heel shoe just came in from Germany.  Silvery white high heel shoe Christmas ornament with glittered swirl design. Made of European mouth blown, hand painted glass in Germany. Measures approximately 4 1/4″ This high heel shoe ornament also comes in  stunning red version.
red glass high heel shoe christmas ornament inge-glas of germany
If a more whimsical shoe fits your need, RAZ has come out with some new Pixie Elf Shoes. These shoes are a great combination of red, black, white, stripes and polka dots.
The Pixie in a Shoe is a set of two assorted styles. These are large ornaments measuring 6.5″ x 11″ and 10.5″ x 8″ These would look great as wall decorations, on wreath, even hanging from mantels.
pixie in a shoe christmas ornament

The Pixie in a Shoe is a RAZ Exclusive designed by one of their most popular designers, Vela Burke and from the “Puttin on the Ritz” collection.

Pixies and Elves are very popular this year in the RAZ collections, in both the “Puttin on the Ritz” and “Gumdrops and Jellybeans.”

Another style of shoe ornament from Vela Burke is a Pixie perched on the heel of a shoe that is smaller and made of resin. This ornament is also red, black, white and green and is sold in a set of two ornaments.
girl elf sitting in a red and black high heel shoe christmas ornament

We have four other sets of RAZ High Heel Shoe ornaments and a set of boots.
raz glass high shoe christmas ornament

These RAZ High Heel Shoe ornaments are made of glass and are very popular. They make great table favors too. They are made of glass and measure about 3.5″. Also from the “Puttin on the Ritz” collection.
red, silver plastic high heel shoe ornament

These red and silver glittered shoes are new for 2011 and also from the “Puttin on the Ritz” collection. They are larger at 4″ and made of plastic. A really nice choice for the younger girls. These red and silver shoe ornaments haven’t arrived just yet to Trendy Tree but should be coming in within the next few weeks.
raz diva high heel shoe christmas ornament red green
This collection from “Puttin on the Ritz” is called RAZ Diva High Heels. A shiny assortment of sling back heels decorated in green, lime green and red. These are sold in a set of 4.
boot christmas ornament

And, the Boot Collection. Always popular. Again in the green, lime green and red. Sold in sets of 4 and measure about 4 inches.

This is a short sampling of our shoe Christmas ornaments. We have more! Just do a search on “shoe” and you’ll find glittery Halloween shoes, Ruby Slippers – two styles, one from Inge-Glas and one from Old World Christmas, a Glass Slipper from Old World and even a Victorian Shoe.

If the shoe fits……we have it!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trendy Tree July Newsletter - Free Shipping Coupon!

 Free Shipping on any order $100 or more!
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RAZ 2011 has started to come! Items showing "out of stock" should be coming in within the next few weeks.

Old World Christmas Remembrance Heart Arriving this Week

Most of our RAZ Halloween has begun to arrive.

Check out our Blog for decorating tips and news! We have a great list of instructional videos
wreath and garland making and Christmas decorating. Trendy Tree Give-a-ways will be posted on our Blog and Facebook.

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"Peaches are in!"

cherry creek peaches

If you live in Pontotoc County, the words you’re waiting to hear each summer are “peaches are in!” Course, most of my blog readers are not from Pontotoc County I’m sure, but in Pontotoc we have the Cherry Creek Orchard who supplies the community with the best peaches you’ve ever eaten!

cherry creek peaches pontotoc ms

Sliced peaches with fresh whipped cream is a favorite dessert around our place. No extra sugar on the peaches is required and they are just dripping with juice. Our only problem is keeping enough peeled and sliced for the grand kids)))

Now, I’ll have to say that strawberries and whipped cream is their all time favorite thing to eat, but peaches run a close second…..or neck and neck perhaps)))

cherry creek peaches pontotoc ms

Whipped cream is super easy to make and you always substitute a little non-sugar sweetener if you’re trying to cut back on calories or for diabetic diets. If you’d like to see my recipe, just click on Whipped Cream.
fuzzy peach christmas ornament inge-glas of germany
The Fuzzy Peach Christmas ornament from Inge-Glas of Germay was introduced in 2010. It looks like a ripe peach with dark green leaf. Made of European mouth blown, hand painted glass and measures approximately 2 3/4″ It is probably the most realistic looking piece of fruit ornament I’ve ever seen.

Great keepsake for those luscious Cherry Creek Peaches))

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mississippi Watermelon Festival July 15-16, Mize, MS

Mississippi Watermelon Festival
Saturday’s events will include the popular Biggest Watermelon contest: producers grow them and bring them and we auction them off, the top 3 get plaques!!
They are also having a car show, run and gospel music. Visit for more details.

This Watermelon Slice Christmas ornament from Inge-Glas of Germany would make a perfect keepsake for the Watermelon Festival! It’s called titled “Summer’s Best Dessert” and rightfully so I’d say. Wonder if they will come out with a yellow meated melon… that meaded or meated? Someone please let me know!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Olathe Sweet Corn Festival Olathe, CO Augut 5-6, 2011

The Olathe Sweet Corn Festival is more than fun in the western Colorado sunshine. It is an ever-growing symbol of a community committed to making the future better for the generations to come.

In 1992, a few insightful people in the small western Colorado town of Olathe, decided to celebrate the community’s agricultural jewel… “Olathe Sweet” sweet corn, by organizing the first Olathe Sweet Corn Festival. This hometown crop was and continues to be more than just another of the many agriculture products of the region. Sweet corn is the crop that has kept this rural American community alive when other efforts were failing.

Sweet corn is  called Indian corn, sugar corn, and pole corn) is a variety of maize with a high sugar content. Unlike field corn varieties, which are harvested when the kernels are dry and mature , sweet corn is picked when immature  and prepared and eaten as a vegetable, rather than a grain. Since the process of maturation involves converting sugar to starch, sweet corn stores poorly and must be eaten fresh, canned, or frozen, before the kernels become tough and starchy.

Growing up in the 1950′s leaves me with many memories of  “putting up corn.” The window of opportunity to gather corn at the proper time was short. Any other plans were simply discarded and when the corn was “ready” it had to be gathered and prepared for freezing or canning. It never got ready on a Sunday though…..always on another day.

The day would start with gathering the corn. Corn would be checked each day by watching the color of the tassels or silk and peeling back a little bit of the shuck. The corn would be ready if the kernels were filled out sufficiently and there was a pop of milk when a kernel was pressed with a fingernail.

The corn had to be just right……if there wasn’t much milk, you had waited a little too long or if the kernel was tough or too deep a yellow color. “Ready” corn would be pale yellow in color, so tender, brown tassels on the outside of the shuck, but silks fresh and shiny still clinging to the corn on the inside.

Corn would be pulled from the stalk and collected in big baskets, buckets, piled into the pickup bed or trailer on the back of the tractor. The corn would then be carried to the house and left outside underneath the largest shade tree. Putting up corn was a hot and messy job.

Shucking Corn -

Preparation would start with shucking the corn. Course this depending on how you were putting the corn up. If it was to be cut off and frozen or canned, all the shuck had to be removed. The photo on the left of shucking corn is from Click on their link to see the whole shucking, silking process.

Sometimes corn was prepared to be put up as corn on the cob and most of the outer layers of shuck were removed and both ends cut off. Then individual ears would be wrapped in foil and placed in the freezer just like that. When you were ready to fix corn on the cob later, you had to remove the rest of the shuck and silk that would still be adhered to the corn. Most of the time our sweet corn was cut off the cob for freezing or canning.

Once the complete shuck was removed, then the silks had to be removed. This was done by hand or using a soft brush. Sometimes a soft rag rubbed over the cob would help. Occasionally you might find a worm embedded at the top of the cob, this part would simply be cut off. The end of the cob would also be cut off.

Ears would be left long for cutting the kernels off, or cut or broken into if to be frozen for corn on the cob.
Cutting off the kernels was something that the adults usually did. There is a trick to it. The kernels have to be cut at just the right depth. Maybe just a little more than the tip of the kernel. The cob would be stood on it’s end, inside a large dishpan. Cutting corn off the cob is a splattering mess. With the cob on its end, a sharp knife would be run down the length of the cob just skimming off the kernels. This would be repeated around the entire cob. Once the kernels were cut, then the knife would be scraped up and down the cob to get the remaining tender pieces and the milky juice. If you cut the kernels too deep, you would cut into the cob and that was a no no. Thus the reason for the adults cutting the corn off the cob.

As I grew older I finally was mature enough to manage this……what a great day…….now I could tell the little brother…….YOU have to wash the jars)))))

Washing the canning jars was a task always assigned to the kids to start with. Mason jars in quart and pint size were opened throughout the year and their contents consumed – corn, green beans, tomatoes, peas, butter beans, pickles, peaches and so forth. Once the jars were emptied during cooking, they were washed and placed under the sink or in a cabinet. At some point, too many would collect and have to be carried outside to a shed, well house, barn, carport closet etc.

Jars were kept from year to year. You never wanted to be caught throwing away a glass jar that could be used for canning……. Mason jars were the best, sometimes a Kerr would show up and a really, really long time ago there might be a blue one. And, although everyone said don’t do it…..sometimes leftover mayonnaise jars were used for canning. But, these were never used in the pressure cooker……only a boiling water bath because a broken canning  jar really was dangerous with its hot contents.

I can remember my mother taking jars from the pressure cooker canner when they had finished and making us all stand way back…..way back as she took the hot jars out and set them in the floor on a towel to cool or counter-top. Once the jars were removed from the canner, the bands were tightened and the jar left to seal. The jars would be sitting all around and as they started to cool you would start to  hear a little “pop” as they sealed. After they had all cooled, they would be checked for sealing by pressing on the flat with your thumb. Tops consisted of a flat and a band. Bands were reusable, but not flats…..not for canning anyway. Any jar that hadn’t sealed, would be placed in the refrigerator for use in the next day or two. The bands were not usually removed until at least the next day so as not to disturb the seal.

I can remember my mother saying to my daddy…..”go to the store and get some flats…..I’ve got bands…” Not a phrase that has been used in my household…..but I have done some canning since I married, but very little.

One year mother got a new pressure canner……and we hunted for stuff to can. Everything got canned that year…..corn, peas, butter beans, little whole potatoes, tomatoes, vegetable soup, green beans, pickles, plums, and probably more…….if you were standing still you were in danger of being canned!

I’ve heard my daddy talk about some people canning sausage……but canning meat wasn’t anything that was ever tried at our house…..too dangerous I think. You have to be careful with home canned foods of course and dispose anything that has lost it’s seal.
Back to the task of washing the jars. When corn was to be prepared or other vegetable that was going into jars, the first thing was to start gathering up the jars for washing. Boxes of dusty, gritty jars would be retrieved from their storage place and a big metal tub filled with soapy water. Rags and a  “peach tree limb” were required.

Now, peach trees normally provided sweet luscious peaches, but they also gave up their limbs for more less tasty purposes. “Go get a limb off the peach tree….” You knew you were either fixing to have to wash jars…..or worse than that… were fixing to get a whipping! Never did you have to get a limb for someone ELSE to get a whipping. The whippee had to get his own limb……

Limbs for washing jars would need to be sturdy, limbs for whipping were thinner so they could inflict more pain I guess…..we really didn’t get too many whippings at home…..most of the time just the dreaded words of “go get a limb off the peach tree” were enough to change an attitude alone.

The jars would have their first washing done by the youngest in the family with a little supervision by the adults. This mostly was to get the dirt dobbers, cobwebs, bugs, and dirt out of the jars . Then they would go to the house for the real washing in hot soapy water then a boiling water bath. They  had to be sparkling clean for canning.

Sometimes we kids had to just stand around and fan the flies to keep them off the corn during the shucking, silking and cutting process. All this was done outside, sometimes on the back porch if there just wasn’t a shade anywhere. Never in the house though, too messy.

If the corn was going in the freezer, once it was all cut off, it was poured into a metal dishpan and some water added to it. It was placed on the stove and cooked for a while, stirring frequently to keep it from sticking. You had to be really careful that it didn’t scorch. I don’t know how long it cooked but it turned a little darker in color and thickened up some. At that point it was left to cool a little and then dipped by cupfuls and poured into plastic bags for the freezer. Once the bags were filled, twist ties were used to close the bag… Zip Lok at that point in time)))

Once the bags were closed they were placed into the sink filled with ice water or large dishpans with water and ice until they cooled down enough to go in the freezer. Sometimes we dated the bags, but not always. Usually food in the freezer didn’t last long enough to worry about the date it was prepared.

Photo from Self Sufficiency News

Corn to be canned was spooned into clean, sterilized jars, usually pints. I think some water was added, but I don’t know how much. Jars couldn’t be overfilled, you had to allow room for boiling within the jar. Flat and bands were applied, though bands were not tightened completely. Then they were placed in the pressure canner. Some water would be in the bottom and the jars set over inside the canner in a rack.

The pressure canner on the left looks much like my mother and grandmother’s. Scary looking isn’t it! Just wait though until it heats up, starts jiggling and letting off a little steam…..really scary! There is a gauge that has to be watched and you never, never, try to remove the lid until the pressure and steam has been released. It’s all manageable, but you  have to appreciate the potential for accidents.

yellow corn christmas ornament inge-glas of germanyWell this blog entry started out as a  mention of our Corn Christmas ornaments that could be used as a keepsake for the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival…….guess I got to reminiscing about the old days and got off track. Not that I’m yearning to get out in the backyard and put up a mess of corn! No thank you. Yes, it’s good. But honestly I really don’t think it’s any better than the frozen corn that comes in a tube that we have today. It’s good, very good. But I’m glad to know that I could do it if I had too.

This Yellow Corn Christmas ornament from Inge-Glas of Germany, looks more like the sweet or field corn of  my summers. We have other corn on the cob ornaments from Old World Christmas and Inge-Glas, but they have more of a harvest corn style look.

If you’re interested in learning more about canning……get a Ball Blue Book… mother swore by it)))

Thursday, June 16, 2011

National Cherry Festival July 2-9, 2011

The Grand Traverse region, known for its world-record tart cherry harvest, bursts with visitors eager to savor the flavor of cherries tucked into everything imaginable.  Each day Festival goers find cherry delights along with parades, family and kids events and entertainment.  In all, there are more than 150 events along the shores of Lake Michigan & Grand Traverse Bay.

 The Festival has been named in USA Todays top ten festivals for several years running. Visit the website National Cherry Festival for more information.

Now if you need Cherries…..we got em! Even have a Slice of Cherry Pie from Old World Christmas!

choice cherries christmas ornament from inge-glas of germany
Choice Cherries Inge-Glas
This Choice Cherries Inge-Glas Christmas ornament just arrived yesterday! Red long stemmed cherries with green leaves. Very luscious looking.

piece of cherry pie christmas ornament old world christmas
Piece of Cherry Pie

This Piece of Cherry Pie ornament from Old World Christmas looks just like a slice of cherry pie with sugared lattice top. The Hang Tag Reads: Wild cherries are indigenous to the North American continent making cherry pie a truly American dessert. To show off the colorful filling, the cherry pie is usually made with a lattice crust. The crust looks like basket weaving with its fancy, sugar frosted criss-crosses.

The Piece of Cherry Pie ornament makes a great gift, especially with packaged with a nice pie plate or a copy of your favorite cherry pie recipe….or maybe even a real cherry pie……that’s what I would want…….just saying…..

Kentucky Bourbon Festival Sept 13-18, 2011

inge-glas bottle of bourbon whiskey christmas ornament

Since 1776, the people of Bardstown, Kentucky have been making Bourbon. Their dedication to the fine art of distilling eventually gave Bardstown the title of Bourbon Capital of the World. Come celebrate this passion and history at The Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival gives you 6 full days of smooth Bourbon, delicious food, and great entertainment, with a healthy dose of Kentucky hospitality thrown in for good measure. From black tie galas to historical tours, there is something for all ages and interests. It’s a wonderful six-day event full of activities for the whole family.

This golden bottle of Kentucky Whiskey Christmas ornament is made of European mouth blown glass and hand painted. The label on the front is paper and is glittered around the edges.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give a Gift of Hot Chocolate!

Give a gift of hot chocolate this Christmas season. Found some great hot chocolate gifting ideas that you can put together to astound your friends and family.

I take no credit for the beautiful creations, my only suggestion is to put a Christmas ornament with your gift to make it everlasting.

hot chocolate christmas ornament inge-glas of germany

Hot Chocolate Inge-Glas

I was browsing on Tip Junkie and ran across the neatest idea for hot chocolate. Hot Chocolate on a Stick! Yes, a chunk of chocolate with homemade marshmallow…..looks delicious!

hot chocolate on a stick with marshmallow
Heather at created this most unusual treat. She has more photos that are stunning and recipes for both the chocolate chunk and marshmallow that look easy to follow. She even has a free printable label for packaging this sweet treat.

hot chocolate on a stick

You’ll want to visit and plan on spending some time there……she has some great ideas, recipes and crafts.

Another hot chocolate gift idea was found at The Craft Nest. These little packages of hot chocolate mix are perfect for teacher gifts. Our teachers get so many gifts each year from their students that I think it’s better to give something disposable……I mean there are just so many knick-knacks that a teacher can keep….Give them something they can eat, drink or use up and be done with it)))

hot chocolate mix gift wrapper label

The Craft Nest used a purchased hot chocolate mix but spruced it up a bit with miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips and even mini peppermint candy canes. Ingredients were placed in 4″ clear cello bag and wrapper created with cutout window. Instructions are on the site and look simple to follow.

If you’d like to make your own Hot Chocolate Mix here’s a great recipe from the Food Network. Last year the above Inge-Glas Hot Chocolate Christmas ornament was featured in the Christmas issue of Food Network)))
hot chocolate christmas ornament

Hot Cocoa
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 cup cocoa (Dutch-process preferred)
  • 2 1/2 cups powdered milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper, or more to taste
  • Hot water

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and incorporate evenly. In a small pot, heat 4 to 6 cups of water.
Fill your mug half full with the mixture and pour in hot water. Stir to combine. Seal the rest in an airtight container, keeps indefinitely in the pantry. This also works great with warm milk.
If you decide to make your own mix, just be sure to add a little tag with the instructions on how to reconstitute.

Top off your hot chocolate gift with a little bunch of Peppermint Candy Canes for stir sticks.This post is making me yearn for cold weather!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hope Watermelon Festival August 11-13, 2011

The Hope Watermelon Festival in August promises three full days of fun! Located at Faith Park, Hope, Arkansas. There is a pageant, car show, arts and crafts, softball tournament…..and cold watermelon by the slice!

If you attend this fun-filled festival and need a keepsake Christmas ornament, we have just the thing for you. Or, if you can’t attend and just love watermelon……we have the ornament for you)))

watermelon wedge christmas ornament old world christmas
Old World Christmas Watermelon Wedge

slice of red watermelon christmas ornament inge-glas of germany
Inge-Glas Summer's Best Dessert

Take your choice! Maybe one of these days we’ll have a yellow meated watermelon ornament…..Inge-Glas….are you listening??

Visit us at Trendy Tree to see more summer fruit Christmas ornaments!

Gilroy Garlic Festival Starts July 20th!

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is a three day event starting July 20th. Sounds like they have three days fully packed with entertainment, cookoff, children’s activities and even a Miss Garlic!

To learn more about this interesting festival, visit the Gilroy Garlic page. In the meantime, I think I’ll settle for collecting more of the less savory buds……these don’t smell one little bit)))

inge-glas garlic christmas ornament

old world christmas garlic christmas ornament

Interesting Garlic Facts:

China is the largest producer of garlic.

In the U.S., garlic is grown in every state but Alaska.

Garlic is mentioned in the Bible.

Its use in China was first mentioned in A.D. 510.

In the 12th century it was recommended as a palliative for the heat of the sun in field labor.

In the early 20th century, it was used to treat tuberculosis.

It was used an antiseptic and to prevent gangrene during WWI and II.

Garlic supplementation in rats, has been shown to increase testosterone levels…..just what we need….macho rats!

Garlic has been shown to be superior to placebos to lower systolic blood pressure.

The sticky juice inside the cloves is used as an adhesive in mending glass in China.

Yes, when eaten it does exude through the skin.

Garlic is know for causing …..halitosis……’re kidding…..

Sipping milk while eating garlic can help with the smell.

High quantities of garlic and garlic supplements can cause an increase in bleeding risk.

And my favorite……it wards off vampires, werewolves and demons.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Shipping at Trendy Tree!

Trendy Tree - Pence Christmas Tree Farm
June Newsletter
 Free Shipping on any order $100 or more!
Coupon Code "june"
(discount will show on checkout page)
(does not apply to Alaska, HI, PR, APO or international)
(Shipping will be USPS Parcel Post, First Class, Priority Mail or UPS Ground. Offer good May 31 thru June 30, 2011, no rain checks and does not apply to previous orders.)

RAZ Imports
RAZ 2011 Christmas and Halloween items should start arriving by the end of the month!

New Saxon natural jute material, open wide weave, 21" x 10 yd

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Shelburne, VT July 24, 2011

Sample more than 100 cheeses from 40 local creameries, or try artisanal smoked meats, cider, and breads. Early bird bonus: Some creameries will open the day before for free tours.

For more information visit

french marcellin cheese wedge christmas ornament inge-glas of germanylivarot cheese wedge christmas ornament inge-glas of germany
Great keepsakes cheeses are plentiful at Trendy Tree! Our gourmet section of cheese just keeps growing and growing! This year we've added Livarot, French Saint Marcellin and a French Blue Cheese. We also still have the old standbys of Gouda, Swiss, Roquefort, Goat Cheese, Camembert, Epoisse, and Cheese and Crackers.

gouda cheese slice christmas ornament inge-glas of germany

SAY Cheeeeezzzzzzzzz!